Dear members,
We are very happy with the participation in the events we had arranged in 2016, but we have one recurring problem. We need help.

All events are run by very few people who end up spending significant amounts of time on preparing and executing these events. We would like to ask you who out there would sign up to help on the upcoming events of 2017. You do not have to worry about starting with nothing if you sign up. We have done this many times before and there will be plenty of guidance from the different board and committee members. None of these events are too much work if we can find just a few people to help each other out. It is also a great way of getting to know each other.

  • March 4: Fastelavn
    • We need an organizer and also some helpers to support, but if we are to go through with this event for the kids we need somebody to step up right away!


  • June 24: Sankt Hans
    • We need an organizer as well as helpers right away. This year we need a new venue as well but we have some ideas we would like to share with an organizer.


  • December 2: Christmas dinner
    • We need an organizer as well as a lot of helpers.


  • December 4: Christmas party for the kids
    • We need an organizer and some supporters.

There will be other things going on throughout the year, but you can already now put these in your calendars. In the coming days you will also get more information on the activities of the visiting Danish Gymnastics Performance Team. You can already now put down February 25 for the show. We promise it will be a great show. Much more detail to follow soon.
If you feel like helping us out, please send an email to Mette at DACC – exec@daccusa.org  or call her at

We are looking very much forward to your support.
Best regards
Peter Hansen
President, DACC

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