DACC 20th Anniversary Celebration

On Thursday the 9th of November, DACC celebrated it’s 20th Anniversary.

DACC President Birgitte Houen-Tolstrup welcome the many guest, and Honorary Danish Consul Chris Smith held a short speech. Former DACC board members were introduced and each told a story about their time on the DACC board. It was interesting to learn  the history of DACC and to see so many people who have contributed to make DACC the success it is today. There were lots of talking and laughter during the evening.

Birgitte also talked about the future of DACC which will focus more on business events and helping Danish companies with their upstart in Georgia.  This is needed more than ever with the upcoming move of the Trade Council of Denmark to Houston. 

We enjoyed homemade liver pate,with bacon and mushrooms, and a beautiful layered traditional Danish birthday cake, all made by Birgitte. 

THANK YOU to each and every one who have volunteering on the DACC Board during the last 20 years and THANK YOU to our current board members who are working hard on making DACC even more successful for you.




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