DACC’s History

Incorporated in 1997, the Danish-American Chamber of Commerce (DACC) was founded to consolidate Danish business, social, cultural, arts and sports activities in Atlanta, Georgia, under one umbrella. Since then DACC has organized and participated in activities in both greater Atlanta and other parts of Georgia in support of the interests of Danes and friends of Denmark.


As the primary, independent organization for the Danish-American community in Georgia and neighboring states, DACC will support and promote our members’ businesses and social interests with events also to include potentially new members, sponsors, related parties and stakeholders. DACC will provide services for and share knowledge with parties with interest in Danish relations. We will provide opportunities to learn about Danish culture. We will support the Danish-American community in Southeast USA with primary focus on Georgia and surrounding areas. We will seek to be respected in our environment and among our partners for what we do and how we do it.


The officers of the organization are the President, a Treasurer and a Secretary. The Board consists of 12 members: two for each of the main activities of DACC, namely business, social, cultural, sport, and children; the Trade Commissioner of The Trade Council of Denmark; and the Honorary Consul of Denmark, Mr. Christopher Smith. The daily business is handled by an Administrator.


The greater Atlanta area is sizzling with business activities. DACC’s foremost task is to make sure that its sponsors and members are informed of such activities and to maintain close relationships with local and international business organizations and other chambers to share ideas. DACC continuously looks for opportunities to arrange presentations by prominent Danish business people to its members and sponsors. CEO-roundtable events are held regularly for C-level executives in US companies with relations to Denmark, US companies with Danish owners or Danish C-level executives, or sponsors or potential sponsors of DACC.


Social activities are arranged primarily for Danes living in Georgia and neighboring states. Though the gatherings are particularly Danish, they offer an opportunity for Americans and other nationalities to interact with the Danish community and celebrate Danish traditions. One of the most popular events is the Christmas dinner with Danish specialties. A Danish-style luncheon is normally held in connection with Easter. 

Arts and Culture

DACC is very active in artistic and cultural activities. Past and future events include featuring popular Danish films, some in cooperation with The High Museum in Atlanta; participation in Atlanta’s Fernbank Museum of Natural History’s “Winter Wonderland”, celebrating the tradition around the world to decorate Christmas trees; concerts with Danish musicians and musical groups; celebration of Saint Hans (a traditional mid-summer bonfire event to ward off evil spirits with outdoor grilling, singing, activities for children and live music). In the spring of 2015, DACC will be co-organizer of a visit to Atlanta by the National Danish Performance Team, a team of 28 athletes with the goal to move the world through gymnastics with the mindset of “sport for all”, sport for life and sport for fun.


DACC is very active in sports with activities in soccer, tennis, golf and motorsport. Golf is the most popular with DACC tournaments every spring and fall, normally played at one of Canongate’s 27 golf courses in the Atlanta area. Tennis is played in competition with other chambers, and the trophy is currently proudly held by DACC. We encourage our members and sponsors to initiate new sports activities.


Children are in every Dane’s heart. We love them, we want to see them happy and to spoil them. Every year DACC arranges two activities specifically for children. “Fastelavn”, or Shrovetide, is a Danish celebration held on the last day before Lent, continuing a medieval tradition of “beating the cat out of the barrel”, which nowadays is done by children dressed in costumes having a lot of fun crowning a King and a Queen. The annual children’s Christmas party is extremely popular with work tables making Christmas decorations and drawings, dancing around the Christmas tree, gift giving, visit by Santa and much more.


To create focus and momentum in achieving our objectives, and to make it interesting to be part of DACC, we work in ad-hoc groups and committees to arrange quality events. By offering an attractive sponsorship package, we get financial support from sponsors.

Sponsors and Memberships

DACC operates with a very limited budget. Individual membership is free and the operational income is generated mainly from corporate and individual sponsors and to a less degree from event profits. To become a sponsor or sign up for a free membership, please visit our website.